Best Rules for Creating Interactive Content

3 Rules for Creating Interactive Content 

Although bloggers devote a large part of their time to research processes while preparing an article on a subject, they value it. The most important factor that makes the article valuable is that they can always blend their experiences with these researches.

In this article, I would like to share with you 3 rules that you should pay attention to in the interactive content production process. Which I have obtained with little research, based on my own experiences, and which I believe will increase recycling in the short term.

I hope that it will be beneficial for people who are especially interested in social media management or content marketing to consider. these rules in their content production processes by adapting them to their industry.

Before moving on to the steps, you need to pay attention to in interactive content production processes. I want you to ask yourself what are the factors that trigger you to interact with content. That is, to comment, share, recommend or read it.


You see dozens of content on your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram accounts during the day. However, while interacting with some of them. You ignore most of them and leave them to disappear on your timeline. When I look at the event from my own perspective. My criteria before interacting with content are generally as follows:    

Is it related to a subject I love?

    Does it address a topic on the agenda?

    Does the content image appeal to me?

    Is the topic presented in an interesting way?

    Is the content funny?

    Does it include my interests?

    An article to inform me?


    Am I wondering?

In general terms, these or similar factors are the first criteria for you and many internet users for interaction. Although it is possible to produce different variations of these questions for all sectors. The content that people do not hesitate to interact with has three main features: Topic Selection, Humor and Design.


1- Topic Selection


Of course, our most important criterion in the production of interactive content on the Internet is to find a content topic. We can create creative content, attract people's attention and help with anything. So what should we pay attention to when choosing a topic?

You can be a brand owner or just a personal blogger for the platform you will create content. The important thing here is to increase your interaction rate by producing content. that can attract the attention of your followers, customers and new visitors. In order to do this, you need to include at least one of the 3 main factors in the article:

Topic of the Agenda: Regardless of the platform on which you will produce content. The simplest content that people will not hesitate to interact with is a topic on the agenda or content with related subheadings. In the article you will create, if you wish, you can directly address a topic on the agenda or associate an event on the agenda with your products or services. in a way that will activate your social media channels. How Does It?

For example, on October 21, 2015, the date Marty and the Doctor time-traveled in the movie Back to The Future, it had a great impact on social media. Many brands have succeeded in presenting today in an entertaining way by combining them with their products and services. For example, let us look at how Kliksa handles the agenda regarding its products and services:

As you can see, there is no reason why your content should not get interaction when the agenda topic, which is handled in a very beautiful language, is combined with the brand and services correctly.

Brand Topics: Depending on the platform, you produce content and the industry of the brand, producing "how-to"-style educational content about your brand is both content produced for your social media channels and a great opportunity for those doing research on the subject from different sources to find your brand.

For example, let's say you are a furniture manufacturer. The design of the living room in the content you will produce, minor changes you can make in your home or the production of content directly on the production of goods will be highly interactive content for both your current customers and users who will come to your site through different sources.

Topic of Discussion: Content types that will create discussion are perhaps the most useful topic in the interactive content creation process, but the selection of topics that should be considered the most careful. The discussion topics that I mentioned in my previous article on Effective Social Media Marketing are content that can be of great benefit when presented as a comparison of your brand products or services, not to pit your audience against each other.


For example, if you think that you are a clothing company, it is always better to compare two of your products dressed by the same person, rather than comparing the clothes of two famous celebrities in your content. Although the comparison of celebrities is higher in terms of interaction rate, as I have mentioned before, you will not have any users from the discussions. Instead, comparing the two products you have on the same person will not only bring your products to the fore, but will also arouse curiosity about the price and ensure that you attract traffic to your site.

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2- Humor


Wherever you are in the world, as long as you do not provide a service on a very sensitive subject, the right amount of humor in your content will always continue to increase your engagement rate. The dose of humor used in your content should be adjusted according to your brand, followers and agenda.

On the day of an event that shook the country deeply, you should not use any humor in your content, and on an ordinary day, your content should not always have humor value. Although your humorous content may become interactive content in a short time, your followers may break away from your brand in a short time and create the perception that your business focuses only on humor.

A topic on the agenda in the Kliksa sample content I have given above is a good example of a presentation by adding humorous value with brand products. However, I recommend that humor should not be used for every agenda topic, and that you should evaluate the reactions of your followers in detail during the content creation process.


We have chosen our topic during the interactive content production process, and we are ready to add some humor and present our content. All that remains is the content design, where we will create the first impact.

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3- Design


Since design is a perception that can vary from person to person, brand-to-brand or industry to industry, the ideal solution is to present your content in a very creative and innovative way or to comply with design trends. Although the choice is entirely up to you at this point, I recommend working with your team or a designer on an innovative design suitable for your brand for better results. If you can't come up with any design despite doing this, adapting the design trends to your brand will of course affect your interaction rates.

The biggest reason why Instagram, the leader of visual social media channels, is twice as high as Facebook content in a short time in terms of interaction rate is that people or brands tell what they want to tell directly with the most memorable visual communication ways.

You may forget a funny text you saw on Twitter in a short time, but if the content you saw or watched caught your interest, you can be sure that you will not forget it for a long time. I would like you to know that the unforgettable designs will come to the minds of users intermittently in the future, and when we think that the content is related to your brand, your site or social media page will be visited repeatedly.



Considering that we have chosen our topic to create interactive content, that we have humorously associated it with our brand, and that we have completed and published our design, the only thing you need to do from now on is to be in contact with your followers for the continuation of the interactions you receive.