How to get first content writing work from freelancing sites
How to get first content writing work from freelancing sites 

I remember being preoccupied with landing my first client when I first started. I had no idea what I was doing; I had decided to start freelance writing full-time...well, part-time full-time...from the ground up.


So, how did I end up doing it? I kept an eye on other freelancers. I went to their websites, looked at what they were writing about, read blog post after blog post, made a lot of mistakes, but eventually figured out how to get high-paying clients.


However, you are not obligated to do so. I've discovered different strategies for a beginner to find freelance writing work. These strategies will not just work for any Freelancing site you can think of. 


Freelancing sites are a global network where organizations and individuals collaborate to connect with each other for agencies and all of their employment needs. So here are 7 tips that will definitely help you land your first client.

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Top 7 tips to easily get Freelancing work

1) Good Bio/Description

Because your bio is the first thing most clients see, it should be well-written and appealing. Include your strongest abilities and discuss how you can add value to your clients.


2) Professional Photograph

Cartoons or flowers should not be used as display pictures because they appear immature. Put together a good headshot with adequate lighting that portrays you as a trustworthy professional.


3) Great Portfolio

Because you're new, you won't have any ratings or reviews, so your portfolio will be the only thing clients look at. Before uploading, include good writing samples and proofread them. Post samples on the topic you'd like to write about if possible. Put fashion blogging samples if you're a fashion blogger. Put samples linked to the issue if you wish to work as a bitcoin writer, and so on.


4) Use your Website

A professional-looking website is an ideal method to attract high-paying clients. However, if you are just getting started, this may not be a possibility for you right away.


Perhaps you have a personal blog that you started in your free time. You can certainly utilize your website to market your freelance writing services... at least at first.


To properly scale your career, you'll need to invest in a self-hosted WordPress site and construct a professional-looking writer website at some point.


5) Guest Post 

When you guest post on prominent sites, hundreds of thousands of people will see your writing.


One of those viewers, you can guarantee, is a potential client. This is how I was able to start building my portfolio and eventually land more clients in the first place.


Pitching to job advertising is fantastic, but if you don't have a decent set of samples – particularly from works that have been published on other people's sites – it will be difficult, but not impossible, to gain a good client.

When I got my first quality-writing job, I didn't have any published articles or samples, so it is possible but difficult. 


Also, don't forget to write your author bio in a few minutes. This is the best piece of copy you have to persuade people to visit your website.


6) Join Facebook Groups

On Facebook, there are a lot of possibilities for writing engagements and online jobs. You should have no trouble getting consistent work if you know which groups to join.


However, because you're creating relationships with potential leads, this method takes time. For example, I am a member of various entrepreneurial Facebook groups and do my best to participate in the discussions.


7) Ask for referrals

This method requires that you already have a customer, so if you don't, this may not be the best option for you.


If you've already landed a few clients, now is a good moment to ask for a referral. I understand how frightening it can be! When I originally started, it was for myself, but I reasoned that the worst anyone could say is no or they couldn't.


This strategy has helped me a lot in freelance writing revenue, and if I have a seat open for another client, I always ask my current clients if they have someone in mind,, and, because the majority of my clients are excellent, I am confident that they will suggest me to another excellent client.


Last words 

If you're reading till here, you are now ready to land your first client, and I know you definitely can. If you are wondering which freelancing site to choose to start freelance writing, I'll recommend you to read  it. CRM Software Company in Delhi

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