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How to make money with Clickbank in 2021|What is Clickbank, its pros & cons


ClickBank is an affiliate network known for being home to thousands of digital products like e-books, videos, and software. They’re simply middlemen between product vendors and affiliates.

If you’re the seller, then you create your own product and set it up using ClickBank’s system. They then list your product in their marketplace in order that tens of thousands of affiliates can see you. They handle the tracking using unique tracking links and cookies in order that they know exactly where the sale came from and credit the referring account accordingly.

Confused? It’ll be clearer in a moment. Tons of individuals begin as affiliates then , later on, become vendors. We'll specialise in making money as an affiliate during this blog post as it’s the simpler route.

As an affiliate, all you've got to try to do is check in for a ClickBank affiliate account, then start browsing their marketplace which lists all the available products from their partner vendors.

Once you discover an honest product, ClickBank will offer you a singular “Affiliate link” that points to the vendor’s sales page.

How much money can I make with Clickbank?

This is a highly subjective question. The most important factors involved are the products you select and the way you promote them. We’ll break down exactly the way to do this within the next sections. But if you’re asking if it’s possible to form money with ClickBank as an affiliate generally, then the solution is yes, definitely.


It’s not uncommon to ascertain people doing 3 figures daily on ClickBank. A typical sale earns you $15-$50 in commission. Say the typical is $30. This suggests you would like 4 sales each day to hit $100+.


Seems doable, doesn’t it? Counting on your level of experience,, you'll hit your first sale in days or months. If you’re an entire newbie, it’s not unrealistic to aim for your first sale in 2-3 months. From that time onward, once you convince yourself that it works, things become much easier.


If you’re trying to find great samples of people making good money on ClickBank, inspect Warren Wheeler of Am Ninjas. He recently wrote a case study explaining how ready he was to bring a fresh affiliate website from $0 to $300+ per day in 3 months with ClickBank.

Both of those posts discuss relatively different strategies. I’m actually getting to get into both of these strategies also as my recommended path to follow for beginners (and why I feel beginners should follow it).


What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Clickbank over other Affiliate Marketing?




•       Affiliates have access to an outsized range of products.

•       Sellers can put their product before an enormous base of professional affiliate marketers.

•       Clickbank makes regular payments to sellers and affiliates.

•       Clickbank’s tracking software is independent of the merchandise seller, so affiliates needn't worry about being cheated out of their commissions.

•       Clickbank provides customers with a refund guarantee that inspires trust within the consumer and may help generate extra sales.

•       Clickbank processes all payments, so sellers don't require the services of a separate payment processor.

•       Clickbank tracks and calculates all payments.


•       Clickbank sellers and affiliates are subject to Clickbank fees.

•       Affiliates who fail to form any sales over a period of months are charged $1 each day plus up to $50 per period for having a savings account.

•       Product sellers and affiliates cannot communicate directly.

•       The Clickbank marketplace contains such a wealth of products that it is often hard for sellers to form their products stand out from the remainder. It can also mean affiliates are so spoilt for choice that they spend hours trawling through products and trying to make a decision which one (s) to market.

•       The high level of commission rates (often up to 75%) available may mean affiliates become biased against products that provide lower levels of commission and sellers who offer but 50% may struggle for Clickbank success.

Top 3 ClickBank products you can promote in 2021(Ranked according to the popularity)

#1: Resurge


About: The resurge supplement may be a weight loss pill which will help fight the consequences of ageing, improve overall health and boost restful sleep patterns and is being advertised by its manufacturer as a healthy and effective supplement.

Complete List of Resurge Ingredients:

•       Argіnіnе 1200 mg

•       Lуѕіnе 1200 mg

•       Thеаnіnе 200 mg

•       Ashwagandha 150 mg

•       Hуdrоxуtrурtорhаn 100 mg

•       Magnesium 50 mg

•       Zinc 15 mg

•       Mеlаtоnіn 10 mg

Pros and Cons


Consumers should fully understand the advantages of using this supplement also because of the downsides that accompany it.



•       No serious side effects

•       Completely natural

•       Helps improve deep sleep

•       Helps users feel rested and alert

•       Provides essential nutrients

•       Thoroughly tested for safety and effectiveness

•       Can help people to reduce


•       Overdosing can cause mild side effects

•       Not designed for people with serious health issues

•       May not provide exceptional results for each user

#2: Steel Bite Pro


About: Steel Bite Pro may be a dental supplement that reduces the danger of oral infections, breaks existing plaque and tartar, tightens lose gums, heals wounds, and cements the teeth roots.


Complete list of Steel Bite Pro ingredients:

•       Main Benefits Reduce the danger of oral infections

•       Ingredients of Steel Bite Pro Berberine, Turmeric, Milk Thistle (See full list)

•       Administration Route Oral

•       Dosage Instructions 2 capsules per day for 30 days

•       Results 1-3 months

•       Alcohol Warning No Restrictions

•       Quantity 60 capsules

•       Side Effects No significant side effects reported

•       Price $49


•       It has a strong antibacterial mix, making it useful against bad bacterial colonies residing within the mouth.

•       Can help with certain respiratory illnesses

•       It can help with certain digestive problems

•       It also has antiviral properties also

•       Can make healing faster because of the regenerative properties of some ingredients found in Steel Bite Pro

•       Can make teeth stronger

•       Can provide your body with insane numbers of vitamins and minerals

•       Works fast, within days.


•       Jack of all trades” sort of supplementing; doesn't specialise in oral health only

•       Only available from their official website; not available elsewhere

#3. Leptitox


About: Leptitox may be a weight loss formula; helping consumers to shed additional fats from their body although they need to struggle for years. It's meant for people of all ages, through the user should be an adult. Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding might not want to prioritise a weight loss supplement yet, which is why they ought to ask their doctor before time. 

Complete list of Leptitox ingredients: 

The biggest appeal of the Leptitox formula is that the collection of just about twenty-four ingredients working together to manage leptin levels. A number of those ingredients include:

•       Milk thistle

•       Grapeseed

•       Jujube

•       Barberry

•       Apium graveolens seed

•       Brassicas

•       Alfalfa

•       Taraxacum leaves

•       Meratrim


•       Only uses natural ingredients to enhance safety.

•       Causes minimal side effects, if any.

•       Reduces hunger without artificial sensation.

•       Allows users to continue eating favorite foods.

•       Improves the leptin production.

•       Can safely stop using without withdrawal symptoms.

•       Promotes greater energy levels.

•       Offers a 60-day refund policy for unsatisfied customers.

•       Offers special discounts for orders of quiet one bottle at a time.


•       May be expensive as compared with other weight loss formulas.

•       Can only be purchased on the official website.

•       May create varied results for users of various lifestyles

To Wrap It Up


As you almost certainly guessed, the scope of this strategy is slightly larger than ClickBank itself. ClickBank may be a great, simple place to start out replacing things like Adsense or Amazon revenue for real sales.


It tends to get far more revenue if you manage to form it work. We do have a post with ClickBank alternatives if you would like to think about other affiliate networks, otherwise you could read our in-depth Clickbank review.


You can use this in other affiliate programs or maybe for your own products to market. Take care though, as offers are occasionally pulled. You would like to make certain you have a backup offer just in case this happens (or you are able to create a backup yourself).


I hope this tutorial inspired you to urge out of the “easy” monetization methods and showed you that it's possible to create an extended-term property, be seen as a worth adder and yet make money with Clickbank. If you have any questions, let me know within the comments.