Best Ways To Consider For Content Writing Website Ranking

Ways To Consider For Content Writing to Website Rank

Content is the most important part of any web page. Good content writing is informative, easy to understand, concise, and written in simple words. If the content is not unique and useful, Google will not even index it.

What is the most important thing to rank a website? Is this perfect SEO? Is that keyword research? Is that social marketing? Is that website designing?

If you pay attention, you will know that behind the popularity of a website is the content. Because SEO, Keywords, Marketing, Designing are all content tasks. Only the content is delivered to the user. Therefore, to bring more traffic to the website, you have to focus on content writing.

Content is the backbone of a web page. After deciding on the theme of the content, create the structure of the content. First, you have to decide what you want to write, start, and finish. By doing this, there will be equality in your content writing.


 How can you improve content writing?


Let me start with an example, the popularity of a popular restaurant is due to its food. No matter how good the restaurant's decor and promotions are, if its food is not delicious, the customer will come once and will not come again.

However, if the food is good, the customers will come and come again. In addition, maybe the customer recommends a friend to go to that restaurant.

Here you can understand food as content. If your content writing is better, then the visitor will come to your website repeatedly. Because the visitor is getting the necessary information from your content.

You have to write content for the user. If you keep competing to get your page ranked, nothing will happen. If you are a beginner, you must first make your content useful to the user. Some points are mentioned below which will help you in content writing. 

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 Pay attention to the first paragraph


In the first paragraph, you have to do two things. Firstly, the first paragraph of the article should be kept attractive so that the visitor can get an idea about the entire content. Second, use keywords in the first paragraph so that the crawler also gets to know about your entire content.

You have to write this paragraph in 150 words. That is why you have to write thoughtfully so that the keywords of the core topic and the entire content are clear. Use the first paragraph in the search description.

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Why 150 words?


See the image below. Three parts of a webpage appear in search results. URL, title, and description. Shows only 150 words in the description.

 The title is specific to the web page, but each article feels the same to the user due to the fluctuating keywords. Only then the user reads the description and the chance of clicking increases.



Break content into short paragraphs


Short paragraphs improve the presentation of the content. In addition, the material is easy to read and helps to understand.

Write a topic in one paragraph. For example, if you're writing about the cooking process, you might want to write about the ingredients into the first paragraph, the vegetables in the second, and the quantity in the third.

Keep the font size of the content large so that the reader does not find it difficult to read. Having too many small letters will make it difficult for users to read. Apart from this, the error of text too small to read can also be found on your website.


Build relationships with users


As I said earlier, content is the only web element that users engage with. The content of the website and the readers of the content make the website successful. That is why building relationships with users is very important.

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How to build


Keep a short summary of questions and answers in the content. If you think that after reading this line, a question will definitely come into the mind of the reader. At this stage, you have to write the same question and answer it.

For example, if the teacher asks students questions and answers them themselves, the students become interested in those conversations. This is the only formula you have to use in your content writing. 


Interesting words make content writing better.


Use interesting words in the content. Use words like wondering, shocked, amazing, unbelievable, surprise. These words encourage the users to read further.


For example, the suspense movie compels us to watch until the end. Why? This is because at the end of each scene it increases the desire to watch ahead. Similarly, at the end of each paragraph, you have to create the desire to read further. 


Create an Opportunity for Anchor Text Links.


Link building is the most important function of SEO. There are many types of links. Such as anchor text. Google treats anchor text links as high-quality links. Add relevant and important pages to the anchor text with the help of internal backlinks.

It has two advantages. First, there is no indexing problem, and PageRank is passed quickly. The website starts to rank. Second, using anchor text in the relevant paragraph increases the chances of a user clicking it.


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Edit Content Before Publishing


After completing content writing, edit the content. Read content like a user and see if your content is useful. Is it easy to read? Is content like this easy to understand?


If any words or sentences you think should be removed or corrected, edit the content before publication. Because after publishing or indexing, if you change anything in the content, then your page will be indexed.


When writing content, Google's content policy needs to be taken into account. Before publishing content, check if a sentence is going against Google Content Policy. If so, please edit and correct.

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